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  A Kitchen Revolution !

The Kitchen Demon is a first-of-its-kind unitary dishwashing solution. It’s a fully automated appliance that eliminates pre-rinsing, stacking, and waiting.

Watch it in Action

Simply Clean !

Feed It As You Need It !

Employing a smart shuttle system, the Kitchen Demon maximizes convenience while minimizing effort.

Number One


Dishes washed, dried, and sparkling clean in just 20 seconds.

Number Two


One dish, one wash—saves time and energy.

Number Three


Counter-level design eliminates heavy doors and bending knees.


The Kitchen Demon is an exceptional opportunity for the forward looking manufacturer wanting to be a leader with an exciting product in a

new product category.


Be the first to introduce this revolutionary design to the modern kitchen.


Make your brand name synonymous with this household innovation.

Market GrowthGrowth

Gain a competitive edge with an entirely new product category.

The Kitchen Demon, an indispensable addition to

the modern home.

Simply Clean !


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